“Launched in 2015 as a source of inspiration for YOU! This site is my way of motivating you to live healthy, because living healthy can be easy and surprising and I would love you to feel that!”

Hi! I’m Annemieke Smit (Roeland)
With my health care background and as healthy food enthusiast, my goal is to guide and motivate you to get healthy and feel the advantages of being healthy. I believe in health in an overall perspective. Health hasn’t to do with just exercise, injuries, eating habits, diseases or stress levels and etc. I believe health is a combination of things that in the end should make you feel the best version of YOU!

Spoken of health, my hobby and job is to inspire/ motivate and guide you to a healthy lifestyle. Quick fixes & I don’t go well together. But I DO believe that just small changes can cause big improvements in your health. Are you ready to educate yourself and learn how  to make healthy choices and make this a lifestyle? That’s where I love to help! On this website you can find a variety of recipes and a growing amount of videos. 

" See, feel, smell and taste how yummy healthy can be! "


In July 2010 I graduated in Bachelor of Nursing at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Three years later I graduated as university teacher in Health Sciences at the VU University in Amsterdam. In 2015 I graduated in holistic nutrition, where after I started my own business on the side (next to my full time job as teacher). Also, in 2015 I moved to Canada and continued my career in Health Care, mostly in preventive health. In 2016 I got certified as Personal Trainer Specialist and in 2017 I became a NCCA certified Health Coach, later on specialized as Fitness Nutrition Specialist. 
All together I studied a lot, but I really enjoy and love to learn all about the human body, latest research and apply evidence based science to my clients. Helping others thanks to the knowledge & skills I gained over the past decade really makes me happy!

Update: in 2017 I made quite a career change. I still stay optimally focused on healthy living, but not too much anymore in my professional life, for now ;). More about it comes later, in a blog post regarding life/career/location changes!

Free time

When I am not working, I LOVE running! I am a huge fan of exercising and it is really a way to relax and challenge myself. I also love spending time with my friends & family, traveling the world and being digital creative with photos and videos.

" Health, exercise and lifestyle are big involvements in my life. What about you? "

I love food, in terms of baking, cooking, serving a good looking plate, doing research on ingredients and food combinations, and sharing this!

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7 random food facts about me

  • Addicted to home made yogurt
  • I could eat a ton of nuts per day, but no, I don’t
  • I sometimes make my oatmeal (steel cut oats) in coffee…, ever tried it? 😀
  • Some of my favourite foods are Breaburn apples, natural almonds, raspberries, green beans, tahini, chicken and dark chocolate
  • I like to drink coffee on an empty stomach…
  • My guilty pleasure is my mom's homemade apple pie (see picture), including fresh whipped cream
  • I am allergic to shrimp and found out while I was having my first dinner date with my husband, followed by a ER visit. Romantic right?
  • I changed from tea lover into a water and coffee lover since I moved to Canada. You got to love Tim Hortons to become more Canadian

" I like to sit on mountain edges "

9 more random facts about me

  • Born & raised in the Netherlands, so originally Dutch! 
  • Running is my passion, as well as winning running competitions
  • My favorite colour is purple. But ehh.. no purple on the website? No, makes sense right?! 😉
  • I am a huge deal hunter. Something on sale? Like 1+1 for free? You got me!
  • Fan of doing mostly by bike (in the city)
  • 99% of the times I take the stairs even though there is an escalator/elevator next to the stairs
  • I love traveling and seeing all the different cultures, people, habits and sceneries!
  • I used to take the stairs up and down my apartment (30 stairs) before and after my run, so warming down and cooling up 😛
  • I like taking a seat on mountain tops/ or the edge of mountain cliffs… Don’t ask me why 😉

" Discipline, perseverance and enjoyment in taking care of your body are essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle "

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