What about granola in the morning as breakfast? Any of you? 

Many people eat some kind of cereal for breakfast. Just because it is quick, easy, filling and available in many types. Oats, flakes, grains, puffs, crispies, dried druit, nuts, seeds, you name it, and there is for sure at least one granola in the supermarket aisle that catches your eyes and fits your taste! What about texture? The one likes it crumbly and light and the other likes it crunchy and heavy. What’s your preference? Crunchy? But how ‘natural & clean’ can that be made?

The thing with crunchy is that many brands have to use butter/oil, syrup, starch etc. to let the dry ingredients stick together. And that’s exactly the thing what makes certain granola’s unhealthy for you. So, breakfast with a crunchy granola? Really watch for the nutrition facts table to check if you are true to yourself with the ‘healthy’ breakfast, or that you are being tricked?

When I started making granola for my husband a couple months ago, he tried all kinds of varieties that I made. Texture wise, he ended up in liking crunchy granola the most. But most of the granola’s I made were not that crunchy. Just because I wanted to limit the amount of sweetener and oil I put in the mixture. So, the challenge began; he challenged me to make a crunchy granola that was still labelled ‘healthy’ by me as nutritionist.

IMG_20160307_105003And… I won! I found out how I was able to make him a super crunchy granola which was still super ‘clean’ and natural. To show you some private stuff, see the picture on the side to see the first photo I sent him when my crunchy recipe succeeded 😀
Everytime again it makes me happy to make him a jar full of fresh oven baked granola that I know is for sure a healthy kick-start of his day.

making granolaThat’s the reason I will share you my little secret about “how to make crunchy but still super natural granola”, so that you can hopefully make & enjoy this good kick-start food yourself soon!
Let me know how yours turned out and I love to hear suggestions for new granola varieties too!

Thanks for watching and keep up with your health!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y4s1fam5Xw&w=560&h=315]

How to make super crunchy but still natural granola?!
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