Muffins for the weekend…
Yes, right?!

tim-hortons-bakeryI remember myself walking into a Tim Hortons to get some dark roast coffee on-the-go. Right away when I was in line to order, this huge gallery of baked goods looked sooo good. Yes, AGAIN… they really had some amazing looking items in their gallery. I stared at all the items and scanned which one I would choose if I wanted to

But anyway, I have had lunch not too long ago and didn’t feel the hunger/ or attraction to buy any of these tasty looking goods. But, there are really people buying these snacks once or more EVERY day. No matter what they ate before for breakfast, lunch or dinner. tim-hortons-muffins

For some people it is a habit to snack a lot (of calories) every day and some people are the so called external eaters; “It’s the cupcake in the store window that cries out to you like a puppy, says, ‘Take me home!”. So for sure, if I was an external eater, I would have definitely bought a muffin. (For more types of eaters: see this article, good to read if you want to think about what kind of eater you are!)

muffin-topsNo, not today. Those muffins are really a treat/ present for me to buy. I mean that I don’t want to buy certain ‘unhealthy/ refined’ snacks too much. Once a week/2 weeks is fine to me. Because, have you ever realized how many (mostly bad) calories an average muffin of Tim Horton’s or Starbucks contains? Well, let me save you some research. The average amount of calories in a muffin of Tim Horton’s is about 370 per muffin. The average amount of calories in a Starbucks muffin goes even up to 400! If you see that the average weight per muffin is 113 grams, then the nutritional value per 100 grams is not even that bad compared to other snacks per 100 grams. But in fact, you eat the whole thing anyway…

lose-your-muffin-topLet’s put it in a different perspective. What if someone wants to lose weight and is used to eat a (bad) snack of about 400 calories each day. Think about cutting this snack from his/her diet. Then you cut 7 days x 400 = 2800 calories out of the diet, what equals to lose 1 to 1,5 lbs per week! That is quit a lot by just taking the snack out of the diet.

This sounds easy, and most people know they should snack less, but it really depends on what type of eater you are and how much dedication you have to deny buying/eating bad snacks. One other important determinant for behavioural change is your social influence. Do you have friends/family around you that support you? People that say: you better don’t buy/eat that? Or that trigger you to eat more bad things?

Baking healthy muffinsThink about all this and let’s set a goal for yourself where you want to start in healthy eating? Can you improve in snacking? The amount of snacks? Time of snacks? Choice in snacks? 

Blueberry yogurt muffinsIn the end, I don’t want you to feel you can’t snack anymore. In fact, you need snacks throughout the day, in between meals, to keep your blood sugar level stabile! It all has to do with chosing the right snack for you. I usually advise to eat at least 3 to 4 snacks per day (spread between waking up/going to bed), but of course this can be different for each individual.

Please take a look at my recipes that have tons of healthy snacks in there, that might be as tasty for you as a store-bought muffin, but for sure have way better nutritional value (and suitable for all kinds of diets, like gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, vegan).

Give it a try and surprise yourself with some alternative healthy homemade snacks!

“Lose your muffin top”
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