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“I feel like I need some more fuel. I feel like I need something sweet. I feel like I need something fat. I feel like I need something chocolaty. I feel like I need some crunchy food in my mouth. Oh, but I also feel like I should eat some kind of a healthy snack…

Sweet, fat, chocolaty and crunchy? Isn’t this usually something bad and unhealthy? So, does this sound impossible and unrealistic to you in terms of health? 
No! Wait no longer to make these black ‘n white crispies! This snack fits perfectly to these mentions, including the healthy snack wish thought.

Me and my husband love crispy foods. I mostly like the crunchy foods that are sort of airy and light weighing. There are tons of bars and squares being sold in the stores that are crunchy, light, crispy, etc. But none of them fits my needs and wishes in terms of a healthy snack.

Crunchy bars commercial

Kraft - All natural peanut butterSo that’s why I decided to try to make my own favorite crispy bar. Since we and many others like chocolate and some kind of nut butter a lot, I decided to add at least these 2 ingredients to my crisps. We like All natural peanut butter from Kraft a lot. It is made of 100% peanuts and affordable too!

Brown rice crispiesAnd the name shows the other part already: crisps. I wanted to use either whole wheat puffs or rice crispies. I chose to go with rice crispies this time, since then more people are suitable to eat this snack (e.g. gluten-intolerant people).

My first attemp to make my own crisp bars was a success right away! I was amazed by the result and I was happy I wrote everything down. The fact that these crisps only contain healthy ingredients, makes me even feel better about it! Besides this, it is also very easy to make. You don’t need your oven and the recipe is open for alternatives (see some at the end of this post). Thinking of a name of this new snack didn’t take a long time either. Looking at the crisps right away shows you the black and white colors, so the name was easy: Black ‘n White crispies!

I hope you enjoy these crunchy peanut butter chocolate squares as much as we do. Please share your experiences and thoughts about it!

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Black 'n White crispies
These no-bake peanut butter chocolate crisps are way to go! They are super tasty, crispy, gluten-free, sugar-free, diary-free and vegan! These crisps give you a load of energy, slow as well as quick releasing.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Passive Time 30 minutes
crisp squares (about 2")
The black and white layer
Optional chocolate topping (3rd layer)
Prep Time 15 minutes
Passive Time 30 minutes
crisp squares (about 2")
The black and white layer
Optional chocolate topping (3rd layer)
To build the black 'n white layer
  1. Line a baking pan with parchement paper (I used a loaf pan of about 8x4")
  2. Get 2 bowls and add 1 1/4 cup rice crispies to each bowl
  3. Heat the coconut oil, maple syrup, peanut butter and vanilla extract Just heat until every ingredient is melted and incorporated with each other.
  4. Pour half of the peanut butter mixture in your first bowl of rice crispies and stir well until every rice crispy is layered with the peanut butter mixture
  5. Add the cacao powder to the remaining half peanut butter mixture and stir well until combined and chocolaty.
  6. Add this second peanut butter mixture to your second bowl of rice crispies and again: stir well until mixed together.
  7. Start your first layer with the chocolate rice crispies (second bowl). Pour them in your prepared pan and press VERY firmly into the base.
  8. Then put your white crispies (first bowl) on top of the chocolate layer and again: press firmly so that there are no open spaces/ holes left.
  9. Set aside in the fridge in the time you prepare the chocolate topping
Optional chocolate topping
  1. Heat all the ingredients in a pan until they all melted and mixed well together
  2. Take the black 'n white layer from the fridge and immediately pour the warm chocolate on top. Spread the topping evenly, e.g. using a spoon or little knife
  3. Put back in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to let it set.
  4. Enjoy these squares over a cup of tea/ coffee!
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Recipe Notes

Almond butter can substitute peanut butter
Agave syrup can substitute maple syrup (of course: honey too, but this is not vegan)
Whole wheat puffs can substitute rice crispies (note: not gluten-free)

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Black ‘n White crispies
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