" In my daily life and through my website I love to inspire & motivate others to live healthy "

In my posts I write about personal experiences within a healthy lifestyle, mostly based on nutrition & exercise. I also share recipes of healthy meals & snacks that I created! I like to review products and write about it or make a review video of it as well, since it is my hobby to be digital creative.


I love to share my professional & personal knowledge! My website is continuously growing, as well as myself. I am eager to keep learning, developing & inspiring!



Can we work together?

Do you produce healthy nutrients/ products/ foods? Would you like me to give it a try? Or create a recipe for you? Or help you promoting something healthy? I am always open to hear about your brand, and your ideas and thoughts about working together!

Why working together?

Working with food enthusiasts can be very valuable! A food blogger can give you more power and enthusiasm for your healthy brand than another regular person or company will.



I can inspire you and you can surprise me with your products/ services!




When we are positive about each others ‘brand’, there are some options to consider:

  • Advertisement on my website
  • A blog post with your brand highlighted in there
  • A unique recipe including your products/ nutrients
  • Posts on social media
  • A video review or recipe timelapse

Do you feel good about it?

Send me a message when you feel like you see some nice opportunities to bundle our health power! I am looking forward to get in contact